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Remote Year Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Natalie Gibson
housekeeping :1. Make sure the blue bubble in the chat box is set to “all panelists AND attendees”2. If you have any questions for our citizens (alumni), please use the Q&A box3. Throughout the Q&A session, we won’t have time for our panelists to answer all of the questions, so some will be answered by me, typing. Be sure to monitor the Q&A section > there’s a column titled “answered” that will be very helpful later on!
Natalie Gibson
@Cecilia - that’s great! We’ve had lots of couples join Remote Year programs. We offer a couples discount of 20% off the monthly fee for sharing a room.
Travis King
Travis King
come to all of them!
Travis King
run it back!
Natalie Gibson
@João - great question. I think the panelists will get into this soon but we would help you figure this out. You would first work with one of our program consultants to learn more about Remote Year itself. Once you were certain this was something you wanted to do, we would put you in touch with our Enterprise Solutions Team.They'd sit down with you first to learn about you, your company, your role, remote culture there, your tenure, what you think their biggest concerns might be, how you team operates, etc. and then they'll provide you with tips and resources (case studies, statistics, 1 pagers, etc.) to help you craft anything from a pitch deck for your CEO, to a casual conversation with your direct manager.
other than the benefit of travelling. what have been some of the benefits to your business or work and what have been the challenges
Natalie Gibson
@João - we do! We aim to have diverse communities. We’ve found that remote work is a bit more common in the US, so it tends to be where the majority of our participants are from, but we’ve had remotes from all over! Here’s a bit more on our demographics: https://remoteyear.com/resources/nation-demographics
Are there mixed ages on every trip? I’m 60 and love to be with people of all ages but wouldn’t want to be the only person in the 50-70 age group.
Lesley Green
Hey Colleen, I'm in my 50's and that's one of main concerns..
Kendall Reulein
What's the process for getting to know the other people that are going to be on the same trip as you?
Natalie Gibson
Hi everyone! Can ya’ll put your questions in the Q&A box please so that we don’t miss any?
Travis King
Guys, LOVE THE Qs… can you move them to the Q&A box so I don’t loose any? Thanks :)
Natalie Gibson
One that we may want to answer (he isn’t putting it in the chat box) : “other than the benefit of travelling. what have been some of the benefits to your business or work and what have been the challenges”
Travis King
True - I only get my teeth done in asia or mexico now haha. Costs $40 bucks and its so professional
Travis King
Keep the Qs coming… these are great guys!
Natalie Gibson
Yeah going off of that - before you leave for your program, you’ll all be connected with our Onboarding team who is there to provide you with resources on all of those logistical things (health insurance, phone plans, credit cards, what to pack, etc.). They also run webinars like these just for people who are signed up but haven’t departed yet! So we make sure you’re totally comfortable and ready to go.
Travis King
everyone is weird hahaha
Bianca Lynch
@Travis (side note) please share your Mexico City dental contact with me :)
Travis King
Natalie Gibson
Correct. Programs are a bit smaller now, and we’ve streamlined things a bit more so 1 person can handle it :) (we’re a tad more organized than the early days)
Travis King
we still do it! Long standing tradition
Natalie Gibson
SLACK - not sure if we’ve covered this but everyone in the Remote Year Nation (past participants, current participants, staff) are all connected on Slack. There are channels for absolutely everything you can imagine.
Natalie Gibson
“I’m not a group person” and “I’m worried I’ll be too old” For sure the #1 and #2 concerns!
Natalie Gibson
I am absolutely terrified of public speaking and when I was traveling on program I was convinced to go to a Toast Masters session in November and it was so fun and such a great way to get out of my comfort zone. We were all given a Thanksgiving prompt and 3 minutes to present - but it’s in front of all of your friends and everyone’s encouraging you! I had to convince everyone why they should eat pumpkin pie every day for the rest of their lives.
Travis King
busy bee
Natalie Gibson
Hi panelists! You guys are KILLIN IT. As we’re running out of time, if anyone wants to type out answers to any of the remaining Q’s in the Q&A box - they’re all geared towards participants.
Natalie Gibson
@Andrew!! I hear you’re bringing your climbing gear?? So dope. There will be somewhere for you to climb in every region
John Johnson
Hi, I own an e commerce business, currently in Medellin with Unsettled..not sure I can be away from my staff for 4 months, seems like more than 6 weeks and employees just can’t work at an optimal level without some one on one motivation…any thoughts?
Lesley Green
I'm signing up guys! So excited.. Thank you for the webinar and putting me at ease xx
Natalie Gibson
@John - Someone on the panel may be able to speak to that as a business owner, but I will say that you can leave the group whenever you need. We have plenty of people who need to fly back once or twice throughout their program to check on their team, or to attend a meeting or a conference, etc. You can also opt out of an entire month if you give us enough notice.
Natalie Gibson
@lesley love it!
Welcome to the family @lesley!
Lesley Green
Muchas Gracias :)
Scott Garcia
“Life got flipped turned upside down” -haha
Lesley Green
I'm a business owner too @John.. It's all about putting the systems in place and if you need to fly home.. fly home!
Scott Garcia
@joao sorry accidentally dismi
Scott Garcia
*dismissed your question. The programs are fixed by RY but there are so many itineraries now you can definitely find one that fits you
Travis King
Natalie Gibson
Anyone able to quickly type an answer to Andrews question? Sounds like he’s making a decision later today :)
Jorge Santana
thank you all